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Richard and Nancy Teachout
15955 Kendaville Road

Coral, MI 49322


Representatives of Bibles International

Photo by Kristofer Selbekk

Bob and Donna Bennett

258 West Street

Berea, OH 44017


Missionaries of Baptist Church Planters

Tim and Shelby Green

2060 Pennington Gap Drive

Memphis, TN 38134


Baptist Mid Missions Missionaries to the Hispanic in TN with Iglesia Bautista Central

Shawn, Leslie, and Anna Beliveau

205-1318 Thurlow St.

Vancouver, BC V6E 1X6


Missionaries to Urban Community Baptist Church of Vancouver Canada

Scott and Tina Sandy

106 Morgan Drive

Cobleskill, NY 12043


Director of Northeast Baptist Seedline

Bruce and Karen Buck

130 Chester Rd

Derry, NH 03038


Missionaries to Africa with Africa Inland Mission International