Advent Week 2 – Unexpected Redemption

Text: Matthew 1: Joshua 2, I Sam. 16

 Today we are continuing on in our study of God’s unexpected Redemption.  God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory and praise. There are so many accounts in scripture but we are focusing on the lineage of Christ as we journey through advent this year together.

Last week we looked at the unlikely glory of Tamar and Gideon.  Today we will look at the harlot Rahab and David, the little ruddy boy and son of Jesse.  Rahab was a harlot in the city of Jericho around the time that Moses passed and Joshua became the leader of God’s people, Joshua 2.  Joshua sends two spies into the city to scout it out and come up with a game plan.  The two spies are hunted down but Rahab hides them and keeps them safe for three days until they can safely escape.  Rahab tells the men that she knows the Lord has given them the land and will go before them to make sure this happens.  She then asks for safety for her and her family when this happens.  We know the account and when God brings down the walls, only Rahab’s section is left and her family is redeemed.  This is also shown to us in the archaeological record at the Jericho site.  Rahab then goes on to get married and bares a son name Boaz and we will talk about Boaz and Ruth next week.  So, we learn that God always takes care of his people, Heb. 13:5.  We also learn that God uses who ever He desires but faith is the key, Eph. 2:8; Heb. 10:23, 11:6.

When we think of David we usually think of Goliath, Bathsheba and him being the second earthly king of Israel who reunites the nation.  The first appearances of David in the scripture tells us that David was a little ruddy young man.  The youngest of the sons of Jesse and usually the one out in the fields doing the work,  I Sam. 16.  We see though that Samuel is led by God to go to Jesse’s house and anoint the next king of Israel.  As the young men come before Samuel some are big and strong and God has to remind Samuel to not look on the outward appearance but that God looks at the heart, I Cor 1:26-31. God will indeed use who He does and give them the power of His Spirit to accomplish great things.

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