Advent Week 3 – Unexpected Redemption

Text: Duet 34:7-Joshua 1:11; Ruth 1, 4

Today we continue on with our journey through the unexpected redemption of the lineage of Jesus Christ.  We have discussed Tamar and Rehab.  Again, these are people that you and I would try to keep out of the picture if they were in our family tree.  They would make us ashamed but Christ redeemed them and their lives ended up bringing in the line of the Messiah that would save the world.  

Today we see another unexpected person in the lineage of Christ.  Ruth, the Moabitess.  Moab was the son of Lot and one of his daughters when the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.  Lot and his two daughters made it out of the city and thought the world was coming to and end so they got their father drunk and had children with him.  What a messed up idea and yet Christ used man’s weakness to show His strength.  God used an ordinary person to do something extraordinary.  

Read through Ruth chapters 1 and 4 and see the account for your self.  Ruth follows her mother-in-law back to her home land to serve and take care of her.  They find Boaz who is a kinsman redeemer.  It is Boaz who steps up and redeems Ruth and her mother-in-law.  Together, Ruth and Boaz get married and have a child named Obed.  Obed is the father to Jesse and grandfather to David,  What a beautiful story of redemption.  Ruth and Naomi had lost everything and went back home to basically die but God redeemed them and brought them into the line of Christ.

Joshua is another one, Duet. 34:7-Joshua 1:11.  Joshua spent most of his time in the shadow of Moses.  Moses was the one who God talked to face to face like friends according to the Bible.  Joshua was with Moses and God but always in the back, Ex. 33:1-11.  Joshua is still someone that we really do not know a lot about his past but comes out and leads God’s chosen people when Moses passes off the scene.  The people follow and God uses the unexpected to redeem His people once again.  God sees the heart and uses those who will glorify His name, Mark 12:41-ff.  Give to God what you have with a whole heart and watch God use you!

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