But You Are

God now doubles down on what His children are.  In the previous study we see that God calls us lively stones, a spiritual house, and a holy priest hood.  This next section repeats some but in a different way.  Remember too, when God repeats himself it is because He is making sure we understand what is being said.

God calls us a chosen generation.  We are called out by God himself and elected to become conformed into the image of Christ.  The word for generation means a nation or stock.  We are elected and of the stock of God.  Now the question is, what are we called out to?  Israel was called out by God to reveal God to this world.  They never really understood it and usually kicked against God when He was being revealed as do we most of the times.  When God was being revealed, there was usually hardship, persecution, and being in impossible situations.  See, in these situations, God reveals Himself clearly and not only do we see God but those around us do as well.  

God also calls us a royal priesthood.  Royal being kingly, and priesthood is the office of the priest.  We are children of the King and priests meaning we can go into His presence any time and any where.  God communes directly with us so we can know Him personally.  

God then calls us a holy nation.  We are precious to God and the word for nature means a multitude of individuals with the same nature.  This of course is the nature of Christ.  You and I as children of God have the nature of Christ and the power to live righteously in God’s presence.  

Lastly, we are a peculiar people.  Now this I had to look into the original language.  Peculiar is the Greek word eis and means into or to with ownership.  People is the word for a great multitude gathered together.  You and I are God’s property that He calls and places together.  Christ purchased the church with His blood, Acts 20:28.  We are God’s through the rebirth, Ps. 100:3; Rom. 14:8,  Cor. 6:19, 20.  We are special through the blood of Christ and we have a job to do.  Will we rise and answer the call!?

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