Christ Preached In Prison

Text:I Peter 3:18-ff.

Today we look at a controversial passage but one that can be a great encouragement if we see the Truth over the controversy.  May we start with a Truth.  Christ suffered once for all, praise His name!  Christ was, is and always will be the perfect Lamb.  Christ is the only one who can wash away the sin of the World and bring redemption to all of mankind.  Christ was put to death in the flesh to satisfy the wrath of the Father and then raised to life through the Spirit. This also gives us a picture of a very profound Truth. We are spiritual beings with a very minute physical existence.  We must crucify the flesh constantly and live for and through the Spirit.  

Now the controversy.  First, there is a very prevalent view of this passage that was mainly pushed by the Catholic Church through the years.  Christ died in the flesh and the three days that He was in the grave, Christ went to the spirit world and preached to the dead.  Then He was raised to life by the Spirit.  There are a lot of issues with this view mainly this is not consistent with scripture.  The second view is the newer Protestant view that Christ died in the flesh and while He was in the grave, Christ went toHades to preach to the dead and eventually the saints in Abraham’s bosom.  Then Christ was raised to life by the Spirit.

I would suggest that we look at scripture and take the Word of God for what it says literally.  Christ suffered for sin by dying on the cross and paying the entire debt that mankind could not pay, AMEN!  Christ was then raised to life through the Spirit, AMEN! By the same Spirit, Christ was preached to the spirits in prison during the time of Noah and the flood.  The early church believed that the message of Christ was preached to those who made a choice to pervert their blood and DNA by intermingling with the demonic world.  They lost their choice, consistent to the end times in Revelation, but the grace of God was given because He is love and grace, AMEN!  This is consistent with Ephesians 4 and also Psalms 16.  What ever you believe, do not let the controversy cloud the Truth of God’s grace and mercy.  The goodness and grace of God is extended to all who will receive the Lord, Jesus Christ!

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