Suffering For Righteousness Part 1

Text:I Peter 3:13-ff.

Today we will begin a series on suffering for righteousness sake.  This is a very important aspect of the Christians life.  In this passage, it is also built upon a foundation.  The foundation is the continued thought of Christ being the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.  In this, we can trust Christ to always be just and loving to His children.  We can trust the Lord especially through suffering.

This section begins with the question of who will harm you?  The word who means who, or which, or what.  This can be a person, force, object, etc.  The question is answered with a follow up qualifier, if you be followers of the which is good.  This is reiterated with the qualifier for righteousness sake.  Too many times, people suffer because of their own dumb choices.  Too many times, people suffer with pride and even while suffering they draw the spotlight on themselves instead of God the Father.  If we indeed suffer for righteousness sake there is no one who can harm us and we indeed can be happy or blessed.

In suffering, there is a reaction that we as the children of God are called not to give into fear.  The word afraid means to be terrified, struck with fear, or venerate.  We are told not to be troubled.  This means to stir up or agitate.  In John 14 twice we are told not to be troubled.  This is a choice.  Maybe not always easy but this is a choice.  Instead we are to sanctify the Lord in our hearts.

This is the response to suffer for one who is suffering for righteousness sake.  The word sanctify means to make holy, purify, or venerate.  Now when suffering happens and it will, you and I have a choice to venerate fear or the Lord.  Who or what will you give in to.

We are to venerate the Lord who is great and terrible, Is. 8:11-15.  God tells His people, the true believers, to not be like the world or the heathen.  True believers or followers are to sanctify the Lord and to the fake followers Christ will be a stumbling block or a weight at best.  May you and I be true followers of Christ and venerate Christ in our hearts through faith with meekness and fear.  May God’s people stand strong on Truth and shine for His glory.

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