Time Of Giving Thanks

Today we look at giving thanks.  This is something that is not natural to our human nature. Some of the antonyms to giving thanks are to criticize, belittle, or condemn.  Also, to be critical of, thoughtless, discontented, unmindful, and unappreciative.  This is more of our human nature which all lead to selfishness and vanity.  

In Rom. 1:18-23 we see the product of being unthankful.  In this passage we see a lot of doctrinal teachings but one thing is for sure, when we are unthankful it usually lends to becoming vain and self absorbed.  Thankfulness fights against vanity and selfishness but it takes being mindful.  Being thankful is a choice that we make.  It is always easier to grumble and complain which blinds us to the truth and most of the time what is actually happening.  Instead, we must make a choice to give thanks for the blessings of God.

We must decide to fight against our human nature and live to our spiritual nature.  We are commanded to give thanks, Col. 3:12-17. In this passage, giving thanks is tied to letting the peace of God rule in our hearts.  This too is a choice and when we trust the Lord and surrender to Him we will find that giving thanks comes easy.  Being unthankful usually is based in the lack of trust and surrender to God.

In I Thess. 5:16-18 and Phil. 4:6 we are commanded to give thanks in all things all the time.  Not just some of the time but all the time and in all things.  Notice too that giving thanks is directly tied to rejoicing in the Lord.  At a minimum, the two are proportionate.  So, how do I give thanks in all things all the time?  I think this takes constant communication with the Father and continued surrender.  

As Christ tells us, we must take up our cross continually and follow Him. We will become very selfish and vain when this does not happen.  Instead of seeing the blessings of God, we will only see the struggles of life.   We must understand the will of the Father which gives us the freedom to give thanks in all things.  What are you thankful for in this season of life?

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