Advent Week 4 – Unexpected Redemption

Text: II Samuel 11; John 6

Today we will look at the forth misfit on the list in the lineage of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Matthew 1.  Bathsheba is her name.  She was the wife of Uriah who was a mighty warrior for King David and unfortunately for Uriah, David is not following the Lord or customs at this point.  David should have been with his troops in battle but chose for some reason to stay home.  This is when he sees Bathsheba bathing on the roof and calls for her.  First lesson is that it is important to follow the Lord’s leading and He will lead us away from temptation.

Bathsheba comes to David and it does not appear that she puts up any rejection to his offers.  They have an intimate relationship and she become pregnant with David’s child.  Uriah it still away at war and David comes up with a scheme to get Uriah home from war so he will spend time with his wife and think that the child is his.  This of course does not work and David has Uriah killed in battle to cover it up.  Again, it does not appear that Bathsheba rejects to any of this and marries David.  This child dies as a result of their sin but then Bathsheba goes on to then give birth to Solomon who becomes king of Israel after David.  God redeems Bathsheba and allows her to be in the lineage of the Savior.  God can take our faults and downfalls and receive glory if we repent and give them to Him.

In the New Testament, there is a problem. A multitude of people are following Christ and they are now hungry and grow weary.  Christ asks what they have to feed the people not because He did not know but He was testing the disciples.  Andrew brings a boy that has a bag lunch of two loaves and five fishes but asks what is this among so many?  God works the miracle of the feeding to the five thousand and in the end everyone is fed and there are twelve baskets of left overs gathered.  That is more than they started with.  God can take our meager offerings and talents and use them in great and mighty ways.  God can take these small gifts and not only meet needs but bless the multitudes with left overs more than we started with.  What do you offer to the Lord today?

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