Advent Week 5 – Unexpected Redemption

Text:Luke 1, 2

A very, merry Christmas to all!  What a wonderful time of year as we celebrate the birth of the Messiah.  Praise His holy name for ever and ever!  May the Lord be lifted high through His people today and alway.

In Luke 1, 2 we see a few more details to the account of the wonderful birth that would change all of mankind.  Mary, who was of royal blood but removed many generations before, was a simple handmaid and from Nazareth of all places.  Still today, Nazareth is nothing to really ponder or give a second thought about.  The angel of the Lord came to Mary and told her what was about to happen and Mary questions but accepted the message humbly.  May we learn and say to the Lord Almighty, “behold thy servant.”

The Angel of the Lord also met the shepherds in the field watching their sheep and gave them the message of the good news.  The shepherds then left their sheep, headed into the city of Bethlehem to see, then spread the good news that they have witnessed.  The star in heaven also led the wisemen to Christ as they journeyed from the east.  No other birth in history has ever been announced this way before or since.  This birth was special for Jesus Christ was, is, and always will be the Messiah.  God in the Flesh.  The precious Son of God.  

Mary and Joseph went back to Nazareth and then to Jerusalem to offer their child to God.  Simeon and Anna are there and led by the Spirit to meet them in the temple.  Simeon proclaimed the Truth in such a simple prophetic way.  Simeon called Christ the light to lighten the Gentiles and the glory of God’s children.  This is a prophetic proclamation that all would have access to the throne of God through the Messiah.  All could have forgiveness of sin, be washed in the blood of Christ, and have reconciliation with God the Father.  

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There is no other way to true life but through Christ.  Will you receive the good news today?  Will you make room for the Messiah or push Him aside.  Celebrate life in Christ today and surrender to Christ!

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