Christ the Shepherd And Bishop Of Our Souls

Text:I Peter 2:25-3:7

Today we will jump right into our study and pick up where we left off in I Peter 2:25-3:7. Peter reminds us again of the facts that Christ is the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.  As a recap, the Shepherd is the one who tends to the sheep.  The shepherd depends on the sheep for his livelihood and almost everything.  If he looses the sheep he will loose everything.  The question is then, would the good Shepherd of our souls lead us astray and alone.  Would Christ ever allow us to be lost or taken away?  Obviously, no.

Christ is also the Bishop of our souls.  The job of a bishop is to make sure that things are done orderly and justly.  Would the Bishop of our souls allow us to go into danger defenseless and without power?  Of course not.  Christ has already defeated our enemy and always sends us with His great power.  

The question is then, “Will we trust our Shepherd and Bishop?”  Will we have faith in allowing the Lord to lead us and get the glory through us?  We have to submit and allow the power of God to be mighty in us to the pulling down of strongholds.

Now, the first word of the next chapter continues the thought with the word likewise.  This means in the same manner.  So, just as we are to trust the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, wives are to trust the Lord in leading them in their relationship to their husbands and to others as well.  Now, we all can learn a lesson here because we are all called to be subject or under the Lord and to godly authorities in our lives.  Wives specifically though are to do this through being chaste or pure.  Totally contrary to what the world is pushing on us.  It seems like every entertainer and actress today wear less and less and are lifted up as sex icons.  This is not the will or plan of the Creator.  

Wives are also to couple this with fear and then let the hidden man of the heart be revealed.  This is being filled with humility and quiet, I mean in spirit.  Calm is another word.  May the Lord give us strength to be humble and get out of the way.  May the Lord be lifted up in us and always receive the glory.  May we trust the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls!

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