Advent Week 6 – Unexpected Redemption

What To Do With the Birth Of Christ

Text:John 10:7-14

As we wrap up the advent season this year I want to ask you a question, “What will you now do with the birth of Christ?”  We have spent the last five weeks looking forward to, preparing and celebrating the birth of Christ.  The year is coming to an end and now what?  What is the challenge of Truth for this next year?  Let’s spend a few moments and discuss this challenge.

First, to answer this question one must understand the reasons why Christ came in the first place.  Well, I think one obvious reason is to bring life,  John 10:7-14.  God is the giver of life to all, Gen. 1:26; Job 33:4; Col. 1:15-17.  Just to remind you, YHWH is the name of God and is not meant to have vowels put in.  When pronounced correctly, YHWH is spoken by making a breath sound.  You and I are given life by God and we live each moment by crying out to God as we breathe.  

God not only gives us life on this earth but God is the giver of eternal life, John 10:28, 29; 16:4.  There is only judgement and damnation in the future without Christ.  There is only hell to look forward to without Christ.  Satan, who is the prince of this world only seeks to kill, steal and destroy.  This world will lead you down a path of momentary satisfaction that ends in loneliness and brokenness.  Christ is the only way that leads to life and peace.

God not only gives us physical and eternal life but He gives us abundant life as well, John 10:10.  We do not have to wait until heaven to live the life in Christ victoriously.  We live now in His presence and this brings abundant life through Christ.  You and I can know peace and total fulfillment by living in Truth by the power of Christ. 

Christ came to bring life but also to bring liberty to all His children, Rom. 8:18-21; II Cor. 3:17; Gal. 5:13.  Liberty is not a free ticket to do want you desire but instead we now have liberty through Christ to live in obedience to the Father and please Him.  This brings great freedom and peace.  What will you do with life and liberty?  Will we live in such a way that people around us will see Truth and be set free?  Live out selflessly for Christ in 2024!

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