Likewise Ye Husbands

Likewise Ye Husbands

Text:I Peter 2:25-3:12

Today we continue our discussion of obedience through the husbands.  It is when I encounter verses like this that I am reminded of the power of words and how God can tell a story and get a complete thought across with just a word.  Of course, He is the Word!  We will take many of these words apart and apply them to what God is trying to teach us.

First, to dwell with.  This means to reside or dwell together.  Again we see the idea that we are not just in a house but the idea is being together.  If you are not taking measures to draw closer to each other, you will by nature drift apart.  This is the affect of sin on the marriage and Satan of course is the author of confession. 

Now, we are to dwell in knowledge and honor.  Knowledge is the word gnosis meaning intelligence, science, or general knowledge.   Unfortunately, most of the models of being a husband that we see in entertainment is the male that is ignorant and totally self absorbed.  In other words, the natural man before Christ.  We are called to be intelligent and give our wives honor.

Now this word means to esteem with high value or precious.  In like manner as a weaker vessel.  I wish there was a parenthetical or some kind of parameters that came with this command but there is not.  I do not have to honor my wife as long as she is good to me or makes dinner on time each night or cleans the house or what ever expectations I have put on her.  My command is to love and esteem her with high value.  This can be hard, especially in different seasons of life personally and as a couple.

This verse goes on to remind us that we are joint heirs together.  God has put us together and it is God who can take us apart.  Marriage is something that has to be fought for no matter where we are in our journey or where we are in our age.  Satan wants to destroy good, christian marriages which destroy those around us.  Instead we are to be heirs together and partake of the grace of life.  This means we are to be acceptable, beneficial, and bring joy and pleasure to each other.  Obedience brings joy and pleasure and also get the ear of the Father.  How are you doing?

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