Can I Trust God?

Text:I Peter 2:25-3:12

Today we finish up with Part III of discussing our ability to trust God.  The scripture here is all contingent on the fact that God can be trusted.  As a wife, as a husband, and now all of us can trust the Lord and follow in faith.  The evidence of trust is faith and it leads us to act in certain ways.  Wives will submit and draw attention to God as should we all.  Husbands will love their wives and treat them with compassion.  Now we see what this trust looks like in all of us generally.  

First, we are to be of one mind.  What is this mind?  According to Phil. 2:5, this mind is serving one another as Christ serves us.  We are to have or put on the mind of Christ and serve each other with humility and compassion.  When we serve each other, we serve Christ.  May we serve Christ and trust the Father.

We are to serve with compassion, love, pity, and courtesy.  In order to accomplish this, I believe we must be mindful of who we are.  I mean I need to remember who I am serving.  First of course is God, but tangibly I am to serve God’s children. God loves His children and is the great shepherd and bishop of His children.  Do you appreciate people being rude or hurtful to your children?

When I remember who we are and I serve with compassion, love, pity and courtesy I will want to treat God’s children with great respect and dignity.  I will not render evil for evil even if a brother or sister is hurting me.  I will not speak ill of one of my spiritual siblings.  Instead I will give blessings and use my words to bring life not death.  I will desire peace and chase after it no matter what my emotions or feelings are telling me.  

The Lord is watching over His children and He sees all.  God listens to those who love and treat His children as God desires.  If we treat each other as the world does and do evil selfishly, it is very clear that our Father will judge righteously and wholly.  

So, can I trust the Lord God and obey Him?  Can I treat my spiritual siblings with compassion, love, pity and courtesy no matter what is happening? The answer is yes.  I can trust the Lord.  He never fails and is always truthful.  God is our Savior and King!

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